Stephen Harper Takes Your Questions!

Pre-screened questions, pre-scripted answers, and a pre-taped interview. That, in essence, is as authentic as Stephen Harper gets.
The ‘much’ anticipated You Tube question and answer session with the Prime Minister was supposed to allow Harper to avoid the (alleged) filter of traditional media, so instead it was fed to Canadians through the filter of the PMO.

It also conveniently allowed Harper to avoid answering questions he didn’t pre approve, and rehearse answers to. Harper also didn’t have the inconvenience of follow up questions, in the event he failed to address the query put to him.

Instead, Harper opted for a cozy chair, in a secure environment, separated from the very Canadians who elected him.
Overly staged to the extreme, this event demonstrated the clear disdain Harper has for average Canadians.
Harper can’t be bothered to appear in person and field questions, face to face, from citizens…
How uncomfortable!
How inconvenient!
How dare Canadians expect such a thing from their Prime Minister?

The truth is, Canadians should not only expect, but DEMAND that the Prime Minister have enough courage to candidly face the citizens whom he serves; to answer any question, no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient he might find it to be.

Harper assumed this responsibility when he became Prime Minister, and knows full well that it’s his duty to be accountable to Canadians; His continued refusal to do so solidifies the notion that he has overstayed his welcome as the Prime Minister of Canada.

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  1. Yes! Stephen Harper has certainly overstayed his welcome! His lack of accountability to Canadians causes me to question his agenda. Just who is Stephen Harper accountable too?

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